Top 3 Essentials to Take When Walking Your Dog

Mom and daughter walking their dog in a park with a dog leash and collar set

Do you ask yourself, “what do I need to bring with me when I take my dog on a walk?” Whether you're taking your dog on a short or long walk, there are 3 essentials you need to take with you: a portable dog water bottle, a custom dog tag, and a dog collar and leash.

Taking these items with you will ensure your pet's and others' safety. Keep reading to learn why these 3 items are essential when taking your dog on a walk.

Why Does My Dog Need a Portable Dog Water Bottle?

Water is a necessity to keep your dog hydrated and healthy. Depending on your dog’s activity, your dog is burning a lot of energy from walking. That’s why it's important to keep them hydrated to avoid sickness from dehydration. 

Research shows that dogs should drink approximately 1 ounce (30 mL) of water for every pound they weigh daily. That means a 10-pound dog should consume around 10 ounces (~295 mL) of water daily. With that said, always keep your dog hydrated. To learn more, read our blog, How Much Water Is Enough For Your Dog?

Luckily, we offer a variety of portable dog water bottles that come in different colours and sizes. Our water bottles are made of high-quality ABS and are eco-friendly BPA - free. Meaning our water bottles avoid harmful chemicals that can leech into your water. Our water bottles are safe for your pet but also for the environment by using fewer fossil fuels during manufacturing and sustaining a smaller carbon footprint than other water bottles.

Why Do I Need a Dog Collar and Leash for My Dog?

When taking your dog on a walk, it's essential that your dog wears a collar and is on a leash. No matter how well-trained your dog is, they must be on a leash for their own safety and others' peace of mind. Here are a few reasons why we support owners using dog leases and collars: 

  • Leashes prevent your dog from chasing other animals and people
  • It gives others peace of mind, especially those who are scared of dogs and don't know your dog's obedience level 
  • Less likely to lose your dog 
  • You can pull your dog back to protect them. For instance, if your dog is near a reckless driver, you can pull them away

These are a few examples of how a collar and leash can keep your pet safe. Be mindful of how you use the leash. Never pull or drag a dog, as it won't reinforce positive behaviour. Also, don't yank or jerk a dog on a leash because it can injure them.

Your dog loves you, so treating them with the same love is important. And what's a better way to show them love than buying them a collar and leash set with custom engraved name and phone number on the collar. Shop all our custom leather collar and leash sets in a various sizes and colors.

Why Does My Dog Need a Custom Dog Tag?

Along with a dog collar, a custom dog tag is a necessary accessory. The purpose of a dog tag is to signify their identity and that your pet has a home. If your dog gets lost, anyone who finds them will know where to return them. Also, a dog tag prevents your dog from being mistaken as a stray or sent to a dog shelter.

When you purchase a dog tag, include enough detail to ensure your pet is returned to you as quickly and safely as possible. Information important to engrave is your dog’s name, phone number and/or address. Check our website for custom engraved dog tags in different colours and designs! Our stainless steel dog tags are durable and give your dog an elevated look. 

Now that you know the top 3 essentials to take with you when walking your dog, we hope you and your furry friend have a safe and enjoyable adventure!

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